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Aluminum, a good choice for industrial application

2014-04-13 13:31:53

What is an excellent industrial design? The definition of International Industrial Design Association: By virtue of training, technology, experience and visual experience, the new quality and performance to materials in terms of materials, structure, form, color, and is designed to make consumers comfortable, safe and rich. 
    That's why aluminum attracts many industrial designers. The appearance of silver so that the product looks elegant. From the perspective of practicality, the aluminum alloy is light, good rigidity, highly-duty, and recyclable. Environmental characteristics, adding other metal materials, can be formed according to different technical requirements of different characteristics of the product, shows the designer's whimsy, and in recent years, the most talked about in the industry's product design is the torch of last year's London Olympic Games.
    The torch is a symbol of great concern in the Olympic Games. From the torch ignited to the torch relay to the lighting ceremony, the torch has the meaning of inheriting flames and bringing about endless fire. The torch of the 1960 Rome Olympic Games was made of copper-aluminum alloy. In 2008, the Beijing-based cloud torch used aluminum-magnesium alloy. By the 2012 London Olympics, torches were made from aviation and automotive-grade aluminum alloy materials.
    The torch of this Olympic Games is made of recyclable aluminum. It is 31 inches long and weighs only two pounds. It is the lightest Olympic torch ever. The total number of holes in the entire body is 8,000. It can not only reduce the weight of the torch, but also make people more See the flame directly. The designer said that aluminum alloy materials are lightweight and they hope that the 12- to 100-year-old torch bearers will be able to hold the torch. In the course of 110 miles per day, the torch relay will endure the double invasion of cold wind and heat, and it will also encounter rainy weather. However, the sacred flame must remain immortal, so the Olympic Committee found the BMW depot to test whether the torch can be “changed” in any case.
    Weather detection
    BMW, the German auto maker, knows very well how to maintain the normal operation of the car in the worst weather. The trials were conducted at BMW's Munich Energy and Environmental Testing Center. Engineers recreated the world's most extreme weather system in this top-class automotive laboratory. Many new vehicles must pass this extremely rigorous testing before they can come out. Today, the torch symbolizing the spirit of the Olympic Games is also facing the ultimate test here to ensure a 70-day transit journey.
   During the testing process, the engineers completely "torn" the torch and created conditions that may never be encountered during the transfer process, including repeatedly dropping it from a height of three meters and setting the temperature. At a temperature of -5 degrees Celsius or 40 degrees Celsius, strong winds of 50 miles per hour, encircling it in the snow or high speeds through 50 millimeters of rain per hour. After all the processes, the appearance of the aluminum alloy torch remains intact and the flame remains immortal.
 This section of the torch finally defeated 89 other entries and won the "Best British Design Award of the Year". Al metal is worth mentioning.

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