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2019 Performance Target Management Signing Meeting

2019-01-30 14:19:54

If the company is a ship. then all the employees are the crew of the ship.

If the ship wants to move forward through the waves, it will need the cooperation of all the crews, then they can arrive the destination safely.Similarly, the development of the company needs the joint efforts of all employees.

on 12th of January, Halmt 2019 performance target management signing meeting was held solemnly, Formal dressed, the general manager, all shareholders and the main management attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the company signed the 2019 performance targets with the industrial and foreign trade department, the production department (including the workshop director), the finance department, the quality department and the purchasing department.


Before the signing meeting, the leadership team, led by general manager Chen, participated one salary and performance formulation training, all the target settings are based on the company actual conditions, combined with expert guidance, and after a premade discussion, the target are setted after discussed with the person in charge of each department 

It is worth to mention that the Halmt training team won the PK champion during the salary and performance training, we are so lucky to have such an excellent leadership team.


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