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Halmt aluminum roof walkway, is made of professional aluminum profiles to ensure the easy and safe connection of roof and walkway.Maximum reduce the loading capacity, anti-corrosion and maintenance-free.

The main body of the product are made of aluminum alloy, combined with industrial intelligence and Internet technology, modern industrial assembly technology and aluminum alloy welding technology.The company is willing to accept the challenge and believes that technical design is the most critical factor for the development of the enterprise. The product is designed closely around the needs of customers. The design process adopts 3D modeling to achieve the ingenious combination of mechanics and aesthetics.Aluminum alloy surface use anodic oxidation or painting, can be perennial use without corrosion. To achieve the product concept by safer, more convenient, lighter, more beautiful.

The main products:

  • flexible assembly platform of aircraft production line

  • large aircraft docks, helicopter docks and other docks of various aircrafts

  • aircraft ground support equipment and aircraft ground follow-up equipment

  • electric and hydraulic lifting platforms for the assembly and maintenance of rail vehicle on head, side and roof

  • maintenance ladder of automatic rail vehicle catenary

  • various industrial walkways, platforms, ladder frames and guardrails, suitable for petrochemical industry, light textile industry, pulp and paper industry, construction machinery, large buildings, Bridges, public transportation, etc.

  • various types of industrial mobile lifting platforms and ladders

  • various types of small industrial ladder trays

  • aluminum alloy trays and other logistics equipment

  • various types of industrial protection and tooling equipment

Our products comply with the following design standards: EN12312, EN ISO 14122, MH/T3012, GB17888, etc.The company has established a sound quality management system, obtained the WPS and international welding certificate recognized by the Bureau Veritas, and passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification.With industrial assembly, aluminum structure and steel structure and a number of complete production lines, as well as a sound testing system to ensure product quality.

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