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Halmt provides different accesses to roof, front and side of train, the accesses are applied to the maintenance and operations of the air conditioner at roof, electronics in door, glass and wiper and other inspections and modifications.

General Access Step & Platform
Mobile Work Platform

Mobile Work Platform.jpg

Working height:1.2~5m.

Full-sided guardrail,double-sided steps handrail;  

Guardrail height:1100mm; 

Loading capacity:300kgs;  

Width of 800-1000mm with 200mm deep steps;  

Two universal and two directional casters; 

Non-slip steps with aluminum(R10,R12,R13)

Bridge Platform

Fixed or mobile are optional;

Design standards: EN ISO 14 122;

Step depth: 220mm for work inclination 45°;

Width of steps:600/800/1000mm;

Steps style:(R10,R12,R13); High-duty aluminum with light-weight;

Modular design, overall dimentions of platform that you can adjust for various place;

Easily assembly with full-sided guardrail; 

Loading capacity:300kgs.

Height Adjustable Platform

Height adjustable by winch-wire structure

Made of aluminum with strong strength, light weight, and good looking

Extension tread is optional 

Customized according to clients' requirements

Aluminum Step Platform

Aluminum Step.jpg

Width of steps:600/800/1000mm

Work inclination: 45°

The type of steps:aluminum grating or aluminum perforated surfaces are available on request;

Made of aluminum with strong strength and light weight;

Equipped with two casters for easy transportation;

Customized according to clients' requirements

Loading capacity:300Kg

Access Step

industrial access step ladder.png

Access steps provide safe accesses to machinery, boat, equipment, building etc.

Made of aluminum with strong strength and light weight;

Inclination: 45° and 60° are optional;

Standard: GB 17888-2008-4,EN ISO 14 122-4 and DIN18-799-1;

Modular design, easy assemly;

Serrated anti-slip tread or grating;

Folding Ladder and Platform

Made of aluminum with light weight, and good corrosion resistance;

Modular design, quick assembly;

Can be folded for transportion and strorage;

Anti-slip tread;

Customized according to clients' requirements.

Caged Ladder

fixed ladder.jpg

Fixed ladders offer an safe access to machinery,plants, workshop, warehouse or other buildings

Single or multi section are optional;

Design standards:GB 17888-2008-4,EN ISO 14 122-4 and DIN18-799-1, or other required standard; 

Modular design, easy assembly

Tanker Platform
  • Equipped with safety caged guardrail to protect the safety of the workers when operate on the top of tanker.

  • The platform height can be adjusted by winch.

  • The platform can be moved easily by one personel.

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