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Halmt is possessed of over one hundred aluminum profiles, which help to develop different aluminum structures from the market, we also provide the design and manufacturing of other customized aluminum structures, like grating, pallet, safety fencing, production line table, Engineering Machinery Structure, etc.

Other Industrial Aluminum Structure
Engineering Machinery Structure

Applied in engineering vehicle, and constructional machinery etc.

Made of aluminum with strong strength and light weight

Material: 6061, 6063, 6005, 7052 etc.

Industrial Safety Fencing

Applicable to all kinds of occasions requiring security protection, noise reducing and dust isolation.

Different shapes like grid, organic glass, and aluminum-plastic panel are available.

High loading capacity,good looking.

Sliding doors(windows) are optional.

Aluminum Work Table

The aluminum work table is widely applied in the workshop of electrics industry, medicine industry, drink industry, toy industry, precision instrument industry and so on

Made of aluminum alloy with light weight and good-looking

Aluminum Pallet

As a new device for stacking, carrying, and transportation, aluminium pallets have the following advantages while compare with traditional wooden pallets and plastic pallets:

o Clean, anti-corrosion, non-absorbent, insect-free

o Aluminium material with special low temperature performance, which suit for cold storages or other places with low temperature

o Lightweight, which will reduce the total weight during transportation and save delivery charge

o Durable, with high reuse value, the recovery value can be 30%-50% of buying price

o The size can be customized, and the longest length can be 6m.

o Having tested by the third party, the performances of the aluminum alloy flat pallet meet requirements of GB/T4995-1996 

Aluminum Grating

Made of aluminum with light weight, good corrosion resistance, and long service life

c/w anti-slip serration

Size and structure can be customized

Steel structure

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