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Halmt provides different accesses to roof, front and side of train, the accesses are applied to the maintenance and operations of the air conditioner at roof, electronics in door, glass and wiper and other inspections and modifications.

Rail Access Platform
roof access platform

C/W folding guardrail, which will protect the safety of the workers on train roof.

Electrically height adjustable, easy operation.

Two control boxes, one on the top platform, and one on the bottom of the platform

side access platform
  • Made of aluminum alloy with lightweight and good corrosion resistance

  • Electrically height adjustable platform

  • It will alarm when the platform go up and down

front access platform

Electrically height adjustable to fit different height operations.

C/W extending tread to guarantee the safety gap between platform and train.

C/W rubber bumper, to protect the train from any collision.

rescue ladder

The maglev rescue ladder is made of aluminum alloy with light weight, one personnel can move and handle the ladder every easily. 

Provide the safety access between the track and the passenger platform. 

The rubber cushioned feet is designed to provide a firm and reliable support for the rescue ladder.

Casters are designed for long distance transportation. 

The ladder feet are also designed with anti-collision rubber block.

The retractable handrails on both sides of the ladder are designed to provide more security and humanized design for the rescue workers.

Overhead Line Inspection Ladder

Can be moved and fixed along the track

Made of aluminum with light weight, can be moved  and operated by one personnel

C/w with folding platform on the top

stationary platform

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